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  • HTFC stainless steel cabinet fan

    Product name: HTFC stainless steel cabinet fan

    Product features: large air volume, high total pressure, low noise, and small vibration. Divided into low-pressure and high-pressure series, according to customer requirements, the interior of the air cabinet can be filled with suction material to further reduce noise. A type motor is externally installed, which can be used as fire ventilation, and B type motor is built-in, which is used for ventilation, air purification and air conditioning.

    Main use: widely used in high-rise buildings, basements, workshops, hotels and other places for fire smoke and ventilation and ventilation

    Model number: 9 ", 10", 12 ", 15", 18 ", 20",

    Air volume: up to 300,000 cubic meters / hour

    Full pressure: 1500pa


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