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  • FT35 (pp) anticorrosive axial flow fan

    Product name: FT35 (pp) anticorrosive axial flow fan

    Product features: The impeller and the shell are made of PVC composite material. This series of fans have a simple structure, low noise, easy installation, good corrosion resistance, high static pressure and efficiency, stable operation, and small mechanical vibration.

    Main use: widely used in pickling section, laboratory, basement, power plant, electroplating, oxidation plant and other places containing corrosive gas, also suitable for general industrial and mining enterprises, warehouses, office buildings, residences and other places use.

    Model number: 2.8A-11.2A in total 22 models

    Air volume: 1224-64825 cubic meters / hour

    Full pressure: 128-361.1pa


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