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What kinds of materials are commonly used in centrifugal fans?

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All the materials used in the centrifugal fan body are its main materials, including the material of the casing, impeller, and air inlet, so there should be many types involved. In order to apply different working conditions and process requirements, centrifugal fans are common What are the main materials and corresponding models?  

的铁碳合金钢,这种材料的特点是易加工,价格便宜,适用于绝大部分介质常温且没有粉尘和腐蚀的离心风机。 One is carbon steel, which is the most widely used material for ordinary centrifugal fans. It refers to iron-carbon alloy steel with a carbon content of less than 2.11% . This material is characterized by easy processing and low price, and is suitable for most media. Centrifugal fan at normal temperature without dust and corrosion.  

,也就是我们所说的玻璃钢,通常防腐离心风机常用材料。 Another main material is FRP , which is what we call glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is usually used for anticorrosive centrifugal fans. This material has excellent anti-corrosion properties and is resistant to various acid and alkali salts. Glass fiber reinforced plastic centrifugal fans are used for quite a lot of gas treatment in the chemical industry.  

多种具体材质的一个类别,主要有马氏体、奥氏体、铁素体、双相不锈钢等类别,是防腐离心风机和高温离心风机的常用主材,既可以耐腐蚀又可以耐高温,当然价格比以上两种就高多了。 Stainless steel is also commonly used as the main material of centrifugal fans, but it actually not only refers to one material, but a category containing more than 100 specific materials, mainly including martensite, austenite, ferrite, and duplex stainless steel. , Is the common main material of anti-corrosion centrifugal fan and high-temperature centrifugal fan, both resistant to corrosion and high temperature, of course, the price is much higher than the above two.

In addition, there are also centrifugal wind opportunities to choose plastic as its main material, generally PP . However, because its strength is lower than that of glass fiber reinforced plastic, it is used in a small range and large ones are rare, but because of its special characteristics, it may be used in anticorrosive fans.  

In addition, there are centrifugal fans of special materials and composite materials such as titanium alloy, steel-lined plastic, and steel-lined glass fiber reinforced plastic. Although rare, they will also play an important role in specific fields. Users should be determined by professionals according to specific working conditions.

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