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Installation precautions for side wall fans

Source: Release time: 2018-03-28 16:35:49 Views: 112

Side wall fan is a common type of ventilation fan installed on the roof. It is a special fan in the axial fan category. It works the same as the axial fan. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, metallurgy, power plants, Machinery workshops, laboratories, warehouses, pharmaceutical, food processing and other factories and mines are used as the main equipment for air supply and exhaust.

Preparations before installation:

1. Before installation, you should be thoroughly familiar with the manual of the axial flow fan , and clarify the drawing of the ventilation system of the fan. After the equipment arrives, you need to open the box to check whether the various parts of the fan are complete, and whether the outside of the casing is injured. Pay special attention to the head Whether the rectifier is damaged and deformed, whether the components are tightly connected, whether the blades and motors are damaged, and whether the impellers are rotating flexibly. If problems are found, the relevant unit should be promptly repaired and replaced.

2. Check the installation foundation of the fan: it must have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that it can bear the load during the operation of the fan. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the connection size of the foundation and the fan meets the design requirements: the concrete foundation embedment, the size of the opening, etc. . The equipment foundation should not have cracks, spalling, or bare steel bars, and the foundation elevation, centerline, etc. should be within the allowable error range specified in the technical documents.

3. Foundation pay-off: The measurement must be based on the coordinates and horizontal elevation points provided by the civil engineering according to the drawing requirements. Use the level and total station to measure the elevation and coordinates of each installation point and mark it. The cross center line of each installation position is released according to the axis.

Fan handling and hoisting:

1. Firstly lift all 4 axial flow fans to the roof with a tower crane. The binding of the rope must not damage the surface of the machine parts, and the rotor, journal and shaft seal should not be used as binding parts. Spreader).

2. Open at the corresponding roof position and cut off the colored steel tiles.

3. The foundation for installing the fan according to the slope of the roof must ensure that the fan is installed horizontally and vertically. The roof of this project uses a steel structure bracket as the frame of the axial fan.

4. Before the fan is in place, you must remove the oil, paint, and debris on the foundation surface. And check whether the root of the blade is damaged and whether the fastening nut is loose.

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