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Fan operation and maintenance need to consider the life cycle electricity cost

Source: Release time: 2018-03-28 16:32:18 Views: 114

After experiencing explosive growth in China's wind power industry, in recent years, it has entered a market restructuring period. In the process, wind turbine manufacturers have either switched production, laid off employees, or moved overseas, and have exerted their own skills to ensure that the company is standing. . However, the wind turbines produced before will face the test of independent operation due to the end of the 5-year warranty period.

It is understood that there will be a large number of wind turbines installed around 2008 this year to end the warranty period. Wind farm operation and maintenance has become the most difficult problem facing wind farm developers and operators.

The pursuit of the cost of electricity during the 20-year life cycle of the wind turbine is the ultimate goal to ensure the long-term and sustainable development of the wind power industry in China. While the host company strives to improve the quality of the wind turbine, it does a good job of maintaining and maintaining the long life cycle of the wind turbine to ensure that Maximum efficiency output is the ultimate goal of wind power development. The business model of wind farm operation and maintenance will become a rigid demand that will continue to develop and improve in the future.

The most worried about the purchase price of spare parts

After the centralized development of wind power in 2008, the development of wind power is gradually slowing down. The wind turbine manufacturing enterprises should lay off staff of maintenance personnel and after-sales service personnel on a large scale in response to downward pressure, resulting in insufficient wind farm maintenance manpower.

Wang Chengcheng, the director of Datang Xinjiang Tuokexun Wind Farm, told reporters: "Don't say that the wind turbine is out of warranty period. Even in the normal maintenance operation now, the maintenance personnel provided by the wind turbine main plant are under-equipped. At present, our wind farm installed capacity It has reached 150,000, and 6 people are provided according to the requirements. The actual number is 5 people, including a project manager. The project manager has multiple roles and takes into account multiple projects. The actual daily maintenance site can only guarantee 4 people and maintain the personnel. Weak power. "It is understood that during the explosive growth of wind power, the wind turbine warranty period of the same batch of wind farms at the same period is very close.

"Because of the lack of after-sales and technical personnel, the large number of wind turbines at the same time warranty period will have a great impact on the normal operation of the wind farm." Wang Jiancheng expressed his concerns to reporters.

Many wind farms try to do their own maintenance when considering the reduction of operation and maintenance costs, but the high purchase price of spare parts makes them discouraged. "The most troublesome issue in the after-sales service after the warranty period is the procurement of spare parts. The purchase price of the wind farm is very different from the internal price provided by the wind turbine manufacturer. This makes the wind farm's efforts to reduce the operation and maintenance costs futile. At the same time, the storage of spare parts and backlog of funds will put pressure on the wind farm's self-operation.

Reasonable planning can reduce operation and maintenance costs

It is understood that about 80% of the wind turbines in China's wind farms are still under warranty, and most of the operation and maintenance work is still carried out by the OEM. However, there is an urgent need for the maintenance of a large number of wind turbines. At present, multiple models such as continued maintenance by the OEM in the operation and maintenance market, self-maintenance of the wind farm, and delivery to professional operation and maintenance companies already exist.

Gamesa's China project and service director Ma You told reporters: "As a OEM, the supply of spare parts is a duty-bound business. The price of spare parts supply for wind turbines is different from the situation where the cost of general spare parts with a large market share is low. Basis In China's existing fan inventory, the mechanical parts designed by the host plant are significantly different from industrial control general spare parts in order of magnitude. In addition, in order to ensure the high reliability of spare parts, the fan host is strictly designed and manufactured to the component supplier when it is manufactured. Quality standards.

The high-reliability spare parts damage rate is relatively low, so the overall purchase of spare parts is very small, and it is difficult to get a very favorable price from the component supplier. This is the main reason for the relatively high price of spare parts. Ma You emphasized to reporters that wind farm operation and maintenance is not just simple mechanical maintenance, but also to ensure the availability of wind farms on the owner's side. This requires the operation and maintenance team to propose accurate and predictable operation and maintenance plans, of which It includes a series of tasks such as the possible problems of the wind turbine and the reserve of corresponding spare parts. This situation is not known to many owners, but from the advanced experience of foreign countries, many situations in the operation of wind farms are predictable. After the spare parts plans of all its wind farms are aggregated, a very large purchase list is formed. The overall purchase volume is large, and the purchase cost will be low.

At present, due to the development of China ’s wind power industry only 10 years ago, many domestic wind farms have not yet mastered the judgment of the wind turbine ’s phased operating conditions. If problems arise, measures will be taken, which will bring losses in terms of spare parts procurement costs and maintenance affecting power generation efficiency. If planned well, reducing the procurement cost and delivery cycle of parts will reduce the overall operation and maintenance costs.

Full life cycle electricity cost needs to be clear

In the interview, E Fan Network reporter found that whether it is the early stage wind turbine purchase or the later wind farm operation and maintenance, the main unit purchase cost is based on the cost of electricity in the life cycle as the evaluation standard. Although it is written on the procurement documents, but Actually, there is nothing in existence, and this indicator, which is really related to the long-term benefits of wind farms, has no impact at all.

The traditional operation and maintenance thinking of "what is bad, what is missed" will leave hidden dangers in the operation of wind farms.

Shi Pengfei, deputy director of the wind energy professional committee of the Chinese Renewable Energy Society, told this reporter: "We call it a wind turbine generator. After 10 years, problems will continue to occur and quality cannot be guaranteed. The existing system does not Assessing the effectiveness of the entire life cycle is currently unavailable in a short time. It is an institutional obstacle to improve the quality and return the price to a reasonable level. This needs to be solved in deepening reform. "Ma You also said that Many wind power developers in Europe have recognized this and acted. For fans that have been in operation for 10 years, technical transformation can be used to extend the fan's design life from 20 years to 30 years. By signing a 30-year maintenance contract at a fixed price, the availability of the fan after transformation can be guaranteed.

The development of renewable energy requires a vision of the future to grasp the present and predict the future. Minimizing the risk of operation and maintenance of wind farms means that the cost of electricity generated throughout the life cycle is effectively reduced. Just accusing the quality of the wind turbine simply looks at this problem, and we should find ways to solve the problem from the two aspects of wind turbine manufacturing and wind farm operation and maintenance. At present, although China's wind power developers use the 20-year electricity cost as the bid evaluation criteria for wind turbine purchase, they have not really found a way to effectively reduce the cost of electricity during the entire life cycle.

"The most important thing is that China has wind power benchmarking electricity prices. The clarity of wind power benchmarking electricity prices is clear to investors. Where the project is located, the price is clear. If the price is too high, the bid will not win the bid and the price will be too low. The quality cannot be guaranteed. The root of this problem lies in the expired assessment mechanism. This mechanism is difficult for the performance evaluation of the person in charge to evaluate the lowest cost of power generation throughout the life of the turbine. Now the performance of the assessment is mainly due to the low investment. The large number of installed units is an obvious achievement, and the long-term quality of the unit is difficult to reflect. It is necessary to reform the system to change this situation. "Shi Pengfei said.

Learn lessons from the development of wind power in developed countries, avoid recursive detours, accumulate data for wind farm operation and maintenance, and truly reduce the cost of power consumption in the whole life cycle of a wind turbine reasonably, so that investors can obtain it within 20 years Sustained and stable income is an issue that must be considered during the early stage of wind power development in China. Specific rules and measures guided by the turbine's full life cycle need to be implemented as soon as possible.

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