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Fan of National Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition

Source: Industry News Time: 2016-01-18 08:45:13 Views: 627

"Does the domestic large megawatt fan spindle bearing really meet the requirements for fan use?" A person in charge of a fan manufacturing enterprise saw the 3 megawatt fan spindle bearing of the fan shaft and was somewhat skeptical. When he learned that the 3 MW wind turbine main shaft bearings produced by the axle have begun to be used in batches for Dalian Huarui wind power mainframe, he dispelled the doubts and said that the axle will discuss cooperation in the future. This is a small shot that took place at the National Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition during the 11th Five-Year Plan period.

At the National Major Scientific and Technological Achievement Exhibition, the 3 MW wind power spindle bearing developed by Waxing Group was unveiled. As the only exhibitor in the domestic bearing industry, it attracted the attention of wind turbine manufacturers. The reporter learned that large-scale wind turbine bearings have always been the soft underbelly of domestic enterprises, especially large megawatt wind turbine spindle bearings. Domestic wind turbine manufacturers have always relied on imports and are expensive. Wazhou Group has developed all supporting bearings for 1.5 MW, 3.0 MW, and 5.0 MW fans, which strongly supports China's large MW fan manufacturing level to enter the forefront of the world.

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