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Fan export market gradually opens traditional business

Source: Zhengzhou Zheng Fans Release time: 2015-11-24 10:05:16 Views: 260 times

Strong support of high-quality technology and obvious advantages of wind power business: In terms of wind power, in addition to the overall injection of Xiangdian's wind energy, which has attracted much attention, the acquisition of Darwin in the Netherlands and the establishment of Xiangdian Wewick with top design capabilities have enabled the company to improve its wind turbine technology capabilities. China's export market has gradually improved and the export market has gradually opened. Although the company's wind power business has a lot of pressure on the gross profit margin due to the decline in the wind power market price, with its technological advantages, the company's wind power business has limited room for the decline in gross profit margin. Considering the overall injection of Xiangdian Wind Energy into the short-term support for the company's performance, the company Able to spend wind power hibernation smoothly.

The old man lay down, and the traditional business set off again: In 2010, the company ’s traditional business gross profit margin increased sharply, which is very eye-catching, and this improvement trend is expected to continue. During the reporting period, the company's orders further increased, and conventional motor production exceeded 1.36 billion yuan. It has successfully won a series of important projects including the Chengdu Metro West Extension Line additional purchase project and the Taohuajiang AP1000 condensate pump contract. In the future, relying on the company's technology accumulation in traditional businesses and market accumulation, it will be able to effectively support the growth of the company's overall performance.

Significant changes in national wind power development policies and sharp fluctuations in raw material prices will affect the business development of Xiangdian.

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