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China's fan manufacturing industry moves to a new stage

Source: Zhengzhou Zheng Ventilator Release time: 2015-10-22 10:43:57 Views: 242 times

In the long-distance race, the player who ran ahead in the first lap may not be able to win the championship, or even the full distance.

If the development of the global wind turbine manufacturing industry is regarded as a long-distance race, China's Sinovel, Jinfeng Technology, Dongfang Electric and other companies have already entered the first camp, and some old foreign companies such as Germany's Siemens and India Suzlin waited behind him. From the perspective of newly installed wind power in 2009, the above three Chinese companies have ranked third, fifth and seventh in the world respectively.

The capital market has further amplified the leading momentum of Chinese companies and achieved their championship goals in advance. On January 7, Sinovel, which is going to be listed on A shares, determined the stock issue price to be 90 yuan per share. Based on this calculation, its total market value after listing was more than 90 billion yuan, exceeding Goldwind Technology and Vestas Denmark. To become the world's largest market value of wind turbine manufacturers. Since the establishment of Sinovel Wind Power in 2006, it has been less than five years.

However, these seemingly beautiful indicators mainly reflect the quantitative development speed and market size in a certain period of time, which are largely external and not reliable. Whether an enterprise can go further depends on the inherent factors such as product quality, service level, technical strength, and innovation ability. In the final analysis, it is whether it can meet customer needs with high quality and efficiency. If these "quality" indicators are examined, Chinese wind turbine manufacturers are still lagging behind.

Since last year, domestic fans have frequently experienced quality problems, including the collapse of the whole machine, blades and spindles breaking, motors catching fire, and gearbox damage. The top domestic fan manufacturers also have more or less quality problems, although they do not appear to be malignant. Quality accidents, and the main reason is allegedly not in the design and manufacture of wind turbines, but the lack of core technologies, inadequate management, and price wars in order to compete for the market in wind turbine enterprises is difficult to say that it will not affect the quality of wind turbines.

Since 2005, China's wind power industry has entered an explosive growth phase, and wind power installed capacity has doubled for four consecutive years. With the support of market demand and the support of government policies, local wind turbine manufacturers, which mainly rely on buying technology from abroad, have achieved extraordinary development, and the market size has quickly surpassed foreign competitors. But at the same time, the technical shortcomings of Chinese wind turbine companies have not been effectively complemented. Many companies are eager to launch products in order to seize the opportunity, and to compete for price in order to expand the scale, there is not enough time and funds to fully digest and absorb, and it is difficult to further independent innovation.

Although some domestic companies have carried out subsequent R & D and innovation, a large number of core technologies are still in the hands of foreign companies. This is somewhat similar to Chinese home appliance companies.

Different from home appliances used in home life, the design life of wind turbines is generally 20-25 years, and the operating environment is usually harsh rural areas. Once a quality problem occurs, whether it is a wind farm developer, a wind turbine manufacturer or a grid operator, it will suffer losses. If it is offshore wind power, the losses will be even greater.

There have been wind turbine manufacturers abroad that went bankrupt due to large-scale quality problems. At present, most of the wind turbines in China have only been in operation for two or three years, and the warranty period has just passed. Some possible quality problems have not been fully exposed. Don't take it lightly because the accident that has already occurred is not serious.

In the early stages of industry development, companies' enthusiasm for speed and scale often surpassed the pursuit of technology and quality, but the importance of technology and quality only really came to light when the industry developed from high-speed growth to steady or even decline. Most of the problems concealed in the rapid development of enterprises will cause fatal injuries to them after the growth rate has fallen back, but at this time, enterprises often have no healing power.

Beginning this year, subject to the exhaustion of high-quality wind farm resources and the bottleneck of grid connection, the Chinese wind power industry will bid farewell to the "barbaric growth" stage of 100% growth for four consecutive years and enter a steady development with an average annual growth rate of about 30% During this period, excess capacity and industry reshuffle will be the general trend. Those enterprises that are high in scale but insufficient in internal power will face less competition in the face of fierce competition and more discerning customers.

The long-distance race of the fan manufacturing industry is entering a new stage. The competition in this stage is not speed, but fitness and tenacity. Whether Chinese players continue to lead or are overtaken by opponents or forced to withdraw from the game will soon begin to emerge.

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