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Speeding up the establishment of an overseas after-sales service system to help wind turbine companies "go global"

Source: Zhengzhou Zheng Ventilator Time: 2015-11-20 09:50:11 Views: 268

In recent years, the international competitiveness of China's wind power industry has continued to increase, and more and more domestic wind power machine manufacturing companies have put the implementation of the "go global" strategy on the agenda. However, according to the "2010 China Wind Power Capacity Statistics" recently released by the China Wind Energy Association, China only exported 13 wind power units overseas in 2010, and it is clear that the export of domestic wind turbines is still at the "paper talk" stage.

As we all know, most Chinese wind turbine companies are taking the road of "introducing technology, digesting and absorbing independent innovation". After the rapid development in recent years, a group of Chinese wind turbine companies have entered the stage of independent innovation. At present, some domestic wind power generator companies represented by Sinovel and Jinfeng Technology have initially possessed the competitiveness to open the international market. In this context, the export volume of domestic wind turbines has become an important indicator for measuring the international competitiveness of China's wind power industry, which has attracted much attention from the industry.

Li Shengmao, a senior researcher of CIC Consulting, believes that the export of domestic wind turbines can be regarded as the first step of the domestic company to implement the "go global" strategy, which means that the current export volume of domestic wind turbines is still very small, indicating that domestic wind turbine companies are implementing "Going out" strategy is not a work that can be effective in a short time, but also needs to go through a process. At present, domestic wind turbine enterprises should find out the reasons for the low export of wind turbines, and then solve them as soon as possible.

The export volume of domestic wind turbines is affected by many factors. There are two main reasons for this: First, because the installed capacity of domestic wind power has grown very fast in recent years, wind turbines are very popular in the domestic market, so most domestic wind power The enthusiasm of enterprises for fan export is not high. This is actually a subjective business strategy problem for domestic wind turbine companies. With the slowdown of the domestic wind power industry and the decline in the average profit rate of the industry, I believe that more and more companies will adjust their business strategies and vigorously promote the export of wind turbines. jobs.

On the other hand, the small export volume of domestic wind turbines also has a lot to do with the inadequate overseas after-sales service system of Chinese wind turbine companies. Wind turbines are typical high-tech products, and the unit price is generally high. Therefore, foreign customers are very strict in their choice of suppliers. Whether the wind turbine products have the certification of a third-party authority and whether the enterprise's after-sales service system is sound are The two most important aspects. Because most domestic wind turbine companies have not been established for a long time, there are very few companies that can meet the above two conditions at the same time.

Li Shengmao pointed out that if the “go global” strategy implemented by domestic wind turbine enterprises is to achieve results as soon as possible, they must work on obtaining product certification from relevant authoritative organizations and building a comprehensive after-sales service system in overseas markets. In fact, at present, many domestic wind turbine companies have achieved great results in obtaining product certification from third-party agencies, but few companies have been involved in the construction of overseas after-sales service systems. Therefore, the relevant enterprises in the next stage should make this short as soon as possible. Board supplements, in order to better help them implement the "going out" strategy.

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