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Fog Cannon: Application of Dust Removal Fog Cannon in Iron Ore Production

Source: Release time: 2018-04-27 15:45:04 Views: 66

During the mining of iron ore, a large amount of dust is extremely harmful to the human body, especially the fine dust, which easily causes pneumoconiosis. And because of this open dust source method, closed dust collection, such as dust removal in the stockyard, has always been a difficult point for industrial dust management. Whether it is from the isolation and capture of dust, or the organization and control of airflow, this is not perfect now. Theories and methods are rare at home and abroad. Therefore, there is an urgent need to study a new technology that is economical, simple, and highly effective in dust removal, which is very meaningful for improving the operating space environment and protecting the occupational health of employees.

The wet test dedusting technology of the dedusting fog cannon is in line with this idea. The wind mist is used to spray the water mist to a remote place, so that the water mist absorbs dust and settles.

The dust removing fog gun uses stainless steel high-pressure atomizing nozzles. The water spray nozzles atomize into fine water mist of 30um. The water mist is sprayed into the distance by a jet fan and sent to the dust production area.

The water pressure in front of the nozzle of the dust removal fog gun is high, which makes the atomization effect very good. The actual spray pressure can reach more than 2MPa.

The dust removal and fog gun machine is mainly composed of a jet fan, a high-pressure water pump, a circuit control system, a rotation system, a spray system, and a high-pressure connection system. The water mist sprayed by the dedusting fog cannon can cover the source of dust, effectively control the diffusion and escape of dust, so as to capture the dust and achieve the purpose of dust reduction.

The water mist mist particles sprayed by the dust removal fog gun have a high speed and a small particle diameter, which makes the water mist particle size equivalent to the dust particle size, which can effectively improve the dust particle capture efficiency and is the key to achieving the dust removal effect. The design pressure of the dust removal fog gun is about 3MPa, the water resource utilization rate is high, and the dust removal effect is good. For open dust sources that cannot be closed, the dust removal fog cannon is not affected by wind current and has high dust removal efficiency for fine dust.

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