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Sprayer: Improve the air quality and purify the environment. Sprinkling water on the street can well control dust and haze. Especially at this stage, the haze is very serious in many areas. If you want to purify the air, you must sprinkle water to reduce dust. The sprayer can be a multifunctional dust suppression vehicle, which can improve air quality and truly achieve "dust

The preferred sprayer for controlling dust and haze Nowadays, the primary task of environmental protection is to control dust and floating dust. Below Zhengtong Machinery will introduce the dust sprayer for dust control. All parts of the country are strengthening the management of dust and floating dust to reduce the dust and floating dust in the air. Own one

Sprayer: Advantages of mobile sprayer In recent years, with the rapid economic development, large and small factories and construction sites have appeared. Their appearance has created a lot of dust and sand, causing environmental pollution. The state advocates active governance Pollution environment, sprayer is effective treatment

Sprayer: What are the functions of sprayer? Recently, more and more sprayers have appeared on the streets of cities. Purifying mist and haze in the air by spraying water mist is an important device for modern urban governance. The sprayer adopts the principle of high-pressure spraying water mist, which aims to spray water

Fog gun machine: a new type of equipment for reasonable and effective control of dust. Nowadays, during the processing and production of most factories, a large amount of dust is often generated during the storage, transfer and loading of materials, which causes pollution to the environment, especially to the surrounding areas Residents cause harmful health problems. Usually dust

What are the precautions when using fog cannons? Only personnel specially trained to learn the operation of fog cannons can operate it, because the fog cannons can be damaged if they do not know or use them improperly. In severe cases Will also endanger the life and health of the operator because of the dust spray gun

Fog gun machine: Dust removal machine is a good helper for environmental protection influences. However, there are many dust removal equipment, such as fog cannons.

How to solve the sprayer problem? After using the equipment for a period of time, there will be some small problems. For example, the sprayer that has been idle for a period of time will not go on strike. Do you have a way to solve it? Let me introduce it in detail. Methods. If you meet

Fog gun machine: Fog gun machine is suitable for which industries fog gun machine has a wide range of applications, mainly used for cooling, humidification, dust removal, landscaping, etc., atomization technology includes pressure atomization, electrostatic atomization, ultrasonic atomization, etc. Etc., the atomizing nozzle technology is becoming more and more mature, and now it is receiving more attention in more fields

How to maintain and maintain the sprayer? Sanitation workers are now using dust sprays everywhere on the streets. The sprayer has a very good effect on the environment. More and more industries are using it. Then, how can the sprayer be maintained to make it last longer?

Sprayer: What is the reason for using dust sprayer? With the rapid development of industry, there are more and more cars, and more and more exhaust emissions from factories. These flying ups have severely affected our lives. For example, air quality declines, haze weather, respiratory diseases and other problems often occur.

Sprayer: reduce the dust in the air and improve the air quality. In recent years, sand storms and haze weathers have always occurred in winter, because the dust content in the air is too high, which is affected by wind and is formed. The formation of these two weather conditions not only affected our lives, but also affected people.

What is the advantage of low water consumption of spray guns? Many consumers choose spray guns to pay attention to their low water consumption. So what advantages does its water consumption bring? The staff of spray gun manufacturers will simply analyze for everyone. First of all Water consumption reduces the loss of water resources and has good environmental protection advantages

Fog gun machine: Application of dust removal fog gun machine in iron ore production. During the mining of iron ore, a large amount of dust is generated which is extremely harmful to the human body, especially the fine dust in it, which easily causes pneumoconiosis. And because of this open dust source method, closed dust collection, such as dust removal in the stockyard, has always been a difficult point in industrial dust management, no matter from the isolation of dust

Centrifugal fan bearing overheating reasons analysis 1. Centrifugal fan main shaft or components on the main shaft friction with the bearing box; 2, the motor shaft and fan shaft are not concentric, so that the inner rolling bearings in the bearing box do not move; 3, the bearing box body Too much grease; 4, there is a gap between the bearing and the bearing box hole and it is loose

How to deal with the inflexibility of the axial flow fan impeller? After the user has purchased the axial flow fan and used it for a period of time, if the axial flow fan impeller is found to be inflexible, it will be difficult to use the manual impeller. What should I do in this case?

What are the common faults when using the fan? Common faults of motor heating:
1. The bearing of the motor is damaged. 2. The voltage is too low or the motor is out of phase. 3. The resistance of the system is too small, and the motor is overloaded (the fan selection does not match the pipe network system).

What is a high-speed air conditioning system? The proportion of air ducts in the air-conditioning system is relatively large. Therefore, reducing the size of the air duct is of great significance to reduce the cost of the air-conditioning system. The use of high-speed air-conditioning systems is a way to reduce the size of the air duct.

What standards should be achieved after the installation of fan coils ? 1. The safety requirements of fan coils should meet the requirements of ZBJ72-018.
2. The connection of fan coil electrical lines shall be neat and firm, and the through-holes of electrical wires and plugs shall be insulated pipes or other appropriate protective measures.

What is the difference between forward and backward centrifugal fans? The difference between the so-called forward-tilt type and backward-tilt type is that the size of the exit angle of the fan blade is different. As shown in the figure, when the exit angle is greater than 90 degrees, it is called a forward tilt (forward bend), when the exit angle is less than 90 degrees, it is called a backward tilt (back bend), and when it is equal to 90 degrees, it is called a radial type.

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