Difficulties in industry implementation

How to cool the plant? Have you been confused for the following questions?

The use of central air conditioning to cool down, the investment cost is too high, too little air circulation, the air quality is poor, the effect is not obvious;
Use atomizing fan to cool down, poor air circulation, excessive indoor humidity, and severely affect comfort;
The electric fan and horn fan are used for cooling to ensure air circulation, but the cooling effect is not good;
There are too many manufacturers in the same industry to choose a professional plant cooling solution, and the strength is very different. I do n’t know how to choose;

Manufacturer strength advantage

Factory cooling industry excellent quality manufacturers, strong, trustworthy

  • Established strength manufacturer with more than ten years of factory cooling industry experience, providing one-stop professional solutions and services.
  • 组成,提供全程技术支持。 Professional technical team, composed of engineers with many years of professional production and design experience , to provide full technical support.
  • 匹配各类工程的定制化需求。 Advanced production technology and testing methods, perfect product system, match the customized needs of various projects.
  • Perfect after-sales service, 7x24 hours response at any time, providing warranty service for life, no worries.


A full range of ancillary products, suitable for various plant cooling systems, with significant results


  • Industrial air cooler

    The electricity running cost is 10-15% of the traditional air-conditioning system; the entire system consists of a central water tank, a circulating water pump, an inlet valve, a drain valve, a central controller system, and an evaporative air conditioner; the entire system is compact in structure and easy to operate.


  • Galvanized sheet negative pressure fan

    Adopt CAD / CAM optimized design and manufacture, high pressure, large air volume,
    Low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long life, shutters
    Through manual or automatic start to achieve the purpose of dustproof and waterproof, beautiful
    Generous, the motor is underneath, making maintenance more convenient.


  • Galvanized spray negative pressure fan

    Adopting spraying technology, it is beautiful and elegant, and has good dust and rust prevention effect. It adopts CAD / CAM optimized design and manufacture. The shutters can be manually or automatically started to achieve the purpose of dust and water resistance.


  • FRP Negative Pressure Fan

    It has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, etc. It adopts CAD / CAM optimized design and manufacture. The shutters can be manually or automatically started to achieve the purpose of dustproof and waterproof.


  • DWT roof fan

    The base and fan are made of high-quality steel plate, and the hood is made of glass fiber reinforced plastics. It is suitable for ventilation in hotels, restaurants, theaters, offices, laboratories, factories, factory warehouses, workshops, laboratories, schools, high-grade civil buildings and other places.


  • FRP roof fan

    It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact structure, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low power consumption, low noise, smooth operation, economical and practical, and convenient installation and maintenance. The transported gas must not contain viscous substances, dust and hard particles.


  • Aluminum roof fan

    After a large number of accurate calculations and repeated physical tests, smoke sensors and temperature sensors are added to the start mode to better control the precise start and stop of the fan, which greatly improves the energy consumption of the equipment. It has the advantages of high pressure, low noise, low power consumption, beautiful appearance and firm appearance.


  • Unpowered wind balloon

    The unpowered roof ventilator uses natural wind or indoor and outdoor temperature differences to refer to the operation. It exhausts harmful gases such as hot air, exhaust gas, oil fume, and dust in the workshop. The surface is electroplated, resistant to oxidation and corrosion, and has a long life. Noise-free, rugged and rain-resistant.


  • Water-cooled air conditioner

    Adopting advanced scientific design concept, the air is blown in all directions, and the temperature is rapidly reduced by 4-12 degrees to achieve the desired effect. The wind wheel is made of ABS material, and the high, middle, and low third gears are used to supply air. Electronic control, LED light display, left and right electric swing.


  • Cooling wet curtain

    It is made of a new generation of polymer materials and space cross-linking technology. It has high water absorption, fast diffusion speed, anti-mildew, strong cooling efficiency, long service life, ventilation and corrosion resistance, etc. Filtration is a non-toxic, odorless, clean, humidified, environmentally friendly material.


Case Show

One-stop solution to your various plant cooling problems


Industrial cooling fan installation effect display
Negative pressure fan installation effect display
Roof fan installation effect display
Unpowered wind balloon installation effect display
Water cooling air conditioning installation effect display
Cooling wet curtain installation effect display
Cooperation Process


The choice of many well-known enterprises to solve the problem of ventilation and cooling of factory buildings


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