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1.jpg company culture

        Open innovation
Facing the future, broad-minded, acknowledge gaps, learn from others
Bold employment, integrity and tolerance, active learning, and the courage to try
Development of science and technology, innovation mechanism, self-denial, active change
Never satisfied, continuous improvement, pursuit of excellence, continuous growth
Harmony and pragmatism
Consistent goals, open-minded, sincere communication, cooperation
Orderly competition, mutual promotion, shared responsibility, shared benefit
Seize the fundamentals, make rational decisions, pursue practical results, and be robust
Be pragmatic, do nothing publicity, keep promises, work hard

1.jpg Our Mission

We always insist on improving product quality and services through technological innovation, and in this way contribute to humanity, improve the quality of human life, and promote human life more comfortable, easier and better. We strive to practice the belief of "creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating profits for shareholders, and creating wealth for the society", and we work tirelessly to create a harmonious living space and achieve great ideals.

1.jpg corporate vision

We are committed to becoming a strong manufacturer in the domestic wind turbine industry, and among the forefront of the global comprehensive wind turbine strength, making "Zhengtong" a world-renowned brand. We will continue to improve our horizons, look globally, and use the concept of global operations as a guide. We aim at leading international companies, continue to innovate, deepen reform, cultivate talents, and create a corporate value chain with global advantages.

1.jpg core value

People-oriented: Everyone is a talent; respect ability and provide opportunities; match returns with contributions; lifelong learning and continuous improvement.
Rational Pursuit: It is better to take one step and two steps than to take the wrong half step; pursue sustainable development; and solve problems during development.
Change and innovation: brave self-denial and self-motivation; courage to try, continuous improvement; the pursuit of excellence is not ordinary.
Authorized operation: high uniformity of responsibilities and rights; full authorization and strict supervision; decentralization of powers at various levels, and results-oriented.
Collaboration and sharing: mutual trust and active responsibility; communication and cooperation, complementarity and cooperation; value is respect, and benefit sharing.

1.jpg Operating standards

Basic principles: centralized, organized, decentralized and orderly, authorized and organized, and used appropriately
Development concept: harmonious development, scientific development, effective development, coordinated development
Principles of decision-making: respect for facts and data, ethics and discord, democratic decision-making, authoritative management
Mechanism construction: target responsibility system, interest traction, rolling assessment, and energize; use mechanism to identify talents and develop talents

1.jpg Human Resources Guidelines

Basic principles: Human capital is Zhengtong Capital; treat employees fairly, fairly, and openly; do not commit to life-long employment, and cultivate employees' ability for life-long employment.
Use of talents: talents, not harsh blame, tolerance for errors caused by innovation.
Promotion of talents: Identifies Zhengtong culture; fulfills my due diligence, and loves my job; matches my position with my ability, and actively completes my performance; I am innovative and pursue excellence.

1.jpg Critical relationships

Enterprise-employee relationship: win trust with moral character and ability; win reward by contribution; provide a platform to help employees develop.
Enterprises and partners: honesty and trust, mutual respect; mutual benefit and common development; healthy, harmonious, honest and self-disciplined.
Enterprise, society and environment: Abide by business ethics and abide by social ethics; actively assume social responsibilities and fulfill social citizenship obligations; make good use of resources and pay attention to environmental protection.

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